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Q. How do we apply the lettering and numbers?

All our products are best applied when using a commercial heat press.
Keeping in mind the many variations of fabrics and heat presses available, we offer the following as a general rule –
Temperature: 160 C to 180 C (325f to 350f)
Timing: 10 to 15 seconds
Pressure: Very Firm


Q. Can we apply your products with a hand iron?

We don’t recommend using a hand iron due to the lack of pressure and the unknown level of temperature that an iron reaches.


Q. Do you offer an application service?

Yes, if you don’t have access to a heat press we can apply the necessary markings inhouse at both our Sydney and Brisbane locations.


Q. I made a mistake during application can your products be removed?

Yes, our numbers, lettering and logos can be removed by reheating the material for 4 to 5 seconds and picking the material off gradually. Be careful not to burn your fingers.
NOTE: Unfortunately, once removed an adhesive mark will be left on the garment


Q. How do I apply a multi – coloured graphic?
A. - Apply the first colour for 3 to 5 seconds
- Remove plastic carrier
- Line up your second colour
- Apply for the full 10 – 15 seconds
- Remove carrier


Q. What formats do you require artwork to be supplied in?

For computer cut lettering and logos the formats are illustrator (.ai files) or .eps files
For sport or 4 colour process transfers – eps, illustrator files, photoshop, tiff or jpeg files are required. Minimum 300 dpi resolution and all files can be emailed or supplied on CD.


Q. Do you have a minimum quantity for orders?

We don’t have a minimum quantity for our numbers, lettering or logo orders.
However we do have a minimum orders for transfers (25 sheets) and multi – coloured vinyl patches (25).


Q. What colours are available?

We have 23 different videoflex colours including fluro and reflective silver. Please refer to our colour chart.